Theme: Personal Expression

I. Forms of Submission Accepted


  1. Poetry: Can be in any form you’d like, there are too many to state one by one but they are usually arranged to be rhythmical and metaphorical. 
  2. Short Stories: Much like it’s much longer counterpart, short stories have a developed theme but are usually simpler with a maximum of 4 pages. 
  3. Critiques: Have thoughts on a movie/album/book etc.? Write them down, tell us all about it. 
  4. Expositions on Culture: Ways of life has always been an interesting subject of writing and discussion. From analysis on one of the many, many Indonesian cultures (traditional dances, theatre, etc.) to the rise of TikTok in the pandemic era, expositions on culture work to analyse and discuss the important yet almost simple elements in the lives of human beings. 
  5. Personal Essays: A piece of writing that explores an event, written from the writer’s experience and in first perspective.


  1. Photography: Get your camera, snap a picture. A photograph is an art that is obtained through an image sensor. You can also create surreal photography or abstract photography.
  2. Drawings: Illustrations or expressions made by using pencils, pen, crayon, and more.
  3. Paintings: Similar to drawings, but by using paint.
  4. Designs: There are designs for fashion, architecture, interior, etc. but they are usually a plan made prior to the actual making.
  5. Graphic art: Painting, drawing, design, and other forms expressed using design software.
  6. Crafts: Anything that is made with your very own hands. This can include; pottery, sculpture, origami, woodwork, etc.

These are the types of art we’ve thought of, if your art category is not included above then it would be considered on a case-by-case basis. Also, note that each person can only submit 1 piece of work, due to our limited space.

II. Content and Citation

We welcome all artistic pieces, regardless of the subject as KReator also does not have one specific theme! Although we want you to express freely, please keep in mind that our target audience is youth from various backgrounds. 

Other than that, your work should be your very own. There is zero tolerance for any hint of plagiarism. If you do use other artists’ work to compliment your own such as photographs, prose, etc., then they should be cited accordingly. We urge you to use the Harvard citation style, in the form of footnotes. These links will not disrupt your art, but will be published alongside it.

III. Submission and Review Process

As mentioned before, your submission should be sent to our Google Forms: 

The submission process will be divided into 2 waves, in which Wave 1 (12 March – 12 May) will be for writers and Wave 2 (date TBA) for artists. Each wave will be open for 2 months, so please make sure that you submit your piece at the correct wave and within the timeframe. We will not be accepting writings in Wave 2, vice versa, and anything over the deadline, as it will hinder the reviewing process.

Your work will be reviewed with great care and by a number of Kolom Remaja members from the Creative Team and Editorial Board. If your work suits KReator, then our team will contact you for any further revisions before the publication. This process might take a while, but we will try to be as speedy as we can! Our ultimate goal is to make sure that your work has reached its full potential.