In the absence of platforms to share their thoughts and opinions, Kolom Remaja, acting as a pioneer, serves the community as an independent and online media to promote freedom of speech and expression, especially for youths in Indonesia. We strive to provide the highest-quality content and value community partnerships through strengthening youth’s supportive network by working together constructively and cooperatively with our partners.

Kolom Remaja was established in 2018 as a community organization, during 2019 the organization has developed into an independent online media establishment and has expanded its branch of departments.

1. There is a large number of unheard voices from youths in Indonesia
2. Youths in Indonesia tend to be oblivious about social issues currently happening both in Indonesia and around the world;
3. There are a lot of organisations that aim to empower youth, yet give them less chance to express their thoughts and ideas.
4. There is absence of platforms that could give Indonesian youths a chance to speak up about their thoughts and opinions

Kolom Remaja aspires to be a platform to connect, encourage, and empower youths to speak up and create an impact.

1. “No Rejection Policy”: Accept all submissions from Indonesian youth who wish to speak out their thoughts and opinions;
2. “Editorial Guidelines”: Provide guidance by giving constructive criticisms for submitted articles to achieve highest-quality of contents;
3. “Freedom in Pieces”: Allow youth to deliver their ideas as creatively as possible;
4. “Internal Campaign”: Produce in-House articles aiming to increase awareness about social issues among youths; and
5. “Constructive & Cooperative”: Work constructively and cooperatively with external partners.

1. Promote freedom of speech amongst youth in Indonesia by ensuring that youths’ opinions are taken into account and do matter;
2. Increase individual self-esteem;
3. Inspire and enrich one another through constructive criticism;
4. Spread individual’s positivity;
5. Expand and increase knowledge, awareness, and networking; and
6. Exchange ideas, thoughts, and opinions through social media platforms.

Kolom Remaja is committed to:

  1. Integrity: Kolom Remaja grows based on interaction that promote mutual trust and respect with our stakeholders and partners. We strive to ensure the highest level of organisational effectiveness by continually reviewing our programs and projects to improve the quality and efficiency.
  2. Excellence: Kolom Remaja strives to continually raise our exposure, programs, and business objectives to new levels of excellence.
  3. Community Partnership: Kolom Remaja highly values community partnerships. We recognise the importance of working with other community organisations to strengthen our supportive network. We value the input we receive from our partners and strive to work together cooperatively and constructively for the betterment of all. 
  4. Trustworthiness & Anti-Plagiarism: Kolom Remaja is dedicated to ensure that all of our submissions and productions are original and do not fall under plagiarism category. We have a strict policy of conducting plagiarism checks and reference checks, so that any works done by people other than the creator(s) are credited.
  5. Non-Discrimination/Diversity: Kolom Remaja upholds inclusivity as one of its pillars. We value each and every individuals who contribute to the team and is intolerant towards discrimination.

Kolom Remaja is dedicated to providing a harassment-free and inclusive atmosphere/workplace/events for everyone regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disabilities, neurodiversity, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, nationality, race, age, religion, or other protected category. It is of utmost importance to us that each and every person involved, participating, and attending both the team and events has a respectful, positive and rewarding experience by creating and committing to our Code of Conduct.


Achmad Ghifari
Adara Nailarifqa
Adara Zalikha
Adinda Afifah Damayanti
Aisyah Salsabilla
Alexander Aldi Alamsjah
Alice Pricillya
Althea Karenina
Amira Amanah
Avroditha Nebula
Bima Oktavian
Btari Indira Syafitri
Chiara Aqila
Donny Falah
Dylan Rinaldi

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Ellisa Kalystari
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Indira Sukmariana
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Naufal Rizq Afrizal
Privia Prichariel
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Rachel Winda Aprilia

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Reyhan Thareq Syaflian
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