Through the Lens

Ditulis oleh: Farah Diana Patcha
Ilustrasi oleh: Amira

Just now when you catch it, 

A glimpse of an unfamiliar blur appears.

At first, you hesitate.

Think about walking, you try again.

Tighten the button, you snap again.

“Show your best smiles!” 

With giggles, you shout.

Excitingly counting,

“One, two, three!”

And the flash popping like confetti.

Rise to set.

Seed to harvest. 

Bright to rain.

Summer to winter. 

Tide to recede.

See, it never leaves your hands.

Seize every cherish. 

The series you capture is limitless. 

Amidst the wishes, you whisper,

“my existence comes through the lens.”

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