For however long you’ve got.

Ditulis oleh: Indira Sukmariana
Disunting oleh: Zania R Putri & Rizka Herdiani
Ilustrasi oleh: Pricharia Via

I used to think that Love and I will never cross paths. That I would be the one with too much Love to give but receive so little. 

You have to know that I didn’t fall in love with you. I seeked Love with you in mind and chose to walk into it with my eyes wide open. 

I was still not ready for the fall.

Slowly at first, then you hit the ground full force. You feel your bones breaking but the thrill was worth it.

And then we were bleeding out on the ground.

You should’ve ran. 

I warned you, didn’t I? I’m on borrowed time. I warned you a thousand times but you and your endless hopefulness grabbed my hand and planted your feet.

“For however long you’ve got.”

And I’m glad you didn’t run.

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