Can You Hear Me?

Written by: Indira Sukmariana
Edited by: Zania R Putri & Rizka Herdiani
Illustration by: Pricharia Via

can you hear me?

when the storm came crashing down on us,

will your hands remember the valley of my shoulders the way my tongue remembers your warmth?

when the sky is darker from spilled blood,

will you still kiss me goodnight between the shadows the way I cut the roses blooming from your skin in October?

i will give you all that i was, all that i am, and all that i will ever be,

until there’s no room for another self.

i will replace your guts with my heart and your heart with my lips

and i will see you again as i claw my way back out, tumbling down the Cliff, tripping over my own sins

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