What’s Inside My Head?

What goes on inside my deluded head
lies a mystical plain unseen by the naked eye.
Painted over a serene lavender sky,
it evokes the sweet memories of happiness… Shrouding the thoughts of those who should’ve made me happy.

The thoughts fuelled me on.
It morphs me into an abomination
of a figure everyone likes…
A figure everyone loves.
Straying away from my purpose,
To fulfill their greedy self.

All from the fear of losing the people i love…
The people that makes me happy.
The people that gets me up from bed.
The people keeping my sanity from burning out.

Hidden behind this visage of friendliness lies a simple thought in my head.
A thought that keeps me awake at night.
A thought that strangles me tight.
Labels upon labels of acceptance
Cuts of the wings I used to have.
The wings that roamed me free.
The wings that makes me special…

It’s the thought of everyone turning into mirrors.
A mirror portraying the same figure towards everyone.
It’s the figure that cut off my wings.

When I look at a mirror,l
I can’t help but break down crying…

As I saw someone else in the mirror instead of me.

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