Spoilers and The Affected Parties

The mega release of Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes’ movie on their journey to the end, “The Avengers: Endgame”, has light up the sparks of all Marvel enthusiast in the world, from the MCU fans and the Marvel Comics readers as well. The non-fans seem to also put some excitement, as it is shown on the booming ticket sales that is almost sold out for every showtime on any local theater. But, amongst the flare of this ‘Endgame’ spirit, arise several people that bring loss to many parties, i.e. spoilers.

What is a spoiler? To spoil is an act of revealing an important plot development that may reduce suspense and excitement for a first time movie and television series viewers or book readers. The word spoiler itself is a label referring 

to the person who does such actions. However, later on, spoilers also referred to the information given such as plots, details, and conclusion of a movie or book. These informations can be inferred as spoilers material.

Even if it seems trivial, spoilers does bring disadvantages for many people. A movie or book enthusiast who was given spoiler materials may experience aggravations and annoyance because those extra detail information lessens the value of that movie or book. With that reason, the person might feel less excitement while enjoying the movie or book that they have been waiting to watch or read in peace, in other words they become less interested.

The second party that will be affected is the perpetrator as well, whereas the agog viewers or readers will not hold back and give the doer social sanctions in a form of unfollowing and/or blocking their social media, also saying harsh words in their comment section. People who does the act of spoiling plots of a movie or book will most likely be disliked by the public, especially the hardcore fans of the artwork.

Lastly, the people who got the biggest impact because of spoiler actions is the creator or the author of the work. With too many spoilers on the media (that are not associated to movie reviewers) nowadays, could decrease society’s interest and potentially reduce the creator’s income. As a result, many people took the alternative way to watch or read with a cheaper cost (re: free) by streaming movies or downloading e-book illegally online because they already felt the artwork’s essence lessening. Therefore they mostly do not feel the need to pay to enjoy the movie or book as they have already known the plot and how it ends. With that, we can imply that the act of spoiling also contributes to piracy categorized crime!

Now that we know spoiling a movie or book without warning and consent is a useless action that can bring disadvantages to many, and not to mention it is also considered a crime, let’s not be one by appreciating creators, authors, also all movies and books enthusiast in the world! And don’t forget to watch ‘The Avengers: Endgame’ (and any other movies) on theater or legal streaming sites!

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