Indonesian Education System

Not to complain about Indonesia’s education system but here’s what I think about it.

Indonesia’s education system made us ;
1. Sit still nice and neat, raise our hand, and compete to get an A. We spent more than 8 hours like that. Subtract our time from finding our passion, our creativity, our life of being happy & free. We even have to do our stack of homework and prepare for the exam, that makes us have no time for dinner with our family.

2. Learn about the same thing the same way and forget about our different needs, different dreams, and different gifts. Its horrific. It’s like pouring all the chemical substance into one, the results will be tragic. Turning us into robots and stupid believing that we are useless just because we failed from an academic or specific subject.

If only the curriculum change; makes school teach us how to find our passion and improve it, how to be a good person with a good personality and a good behaviour, how to motivate ourselves, how to express ourselves without getting worried about not getting a perfect score, and not killing our creativity. Teach us to be a person who thinks creatively, innovatively, critically, independently with the ability to connect with the world. Shorter school days. Focus on collaboration instead of competition.

Then maybe, just maybe. We could be a person the world needs.

A world where fish are no longer forced to climb trees.

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