Make Mistakes! It’s Part of the Learning Process

Indonesian educational system is shaping us to be afraid to get wrong. They push us, students, to speak up, but Indonesian students still lacks the capacity and courage to speak up our mind. In class, teachers have to randomly pick students to ask for answers and opinion, because we don’t have the courage to say it ourselves.

We’re still afraid that people would judge and find wrong of our ideas, thoughts, and opinions. This fearful habit has consumed a lot of us thinking that there is no learning space to learn from our mistakes. Everything has to be right and perfect, even for our first try. Obviously, this should not happen. Being wrong is not always bad, instead, it is a part of a learning process. Learning from our mistakes through experiences is healthy as it is one of the ways for us, as a human being to grow.

School as an institution has a big role in shaping our personality because mainly we spend most of our time at school. The government should create a curriculum that allows students to shape their personalities by developing their skills and capabilities. Learning is not always about textbooks and scoring 100% in class. Learning should also be about developing orselves to the highest potential.

Not only that, but character development is also essential for students. I believe that good characters would improve our morality and would help students to have the courage to speak up, be more caring about the environment, and fellow human beings. Not only thinking about each individual’s self-interest.

Therefore, we should throw away all bad habits and believe more in ourselves. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and let out all our thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

Don’t be afraid to let our mind speaks.

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