Well, is it okay if I discuss that, while I still don’t know what kind of person I am? I think that’s weird, but I’m gonna do it anyway. I was a person having problems trusting other people. For me, it’s really hard to tell someone about something, simply because I was just scared.

I was scared of telling them because I was merely well aware that they don’t care about my problems! And, logically, telling someone about my problem is just stupid, cause they’re not gonna help me anyway! So, what’s the point of doing that?

In daily life, people always see me as someone energetic, confidence, funny, make a lot of stupid jokes, and basically have nothing to fear. But, yup, I do have problems, like real big problems, and I just don’t want to show it in front of the crowds. That’s why I write this article anonymously.

I always feel sad, insecure, and basically, think that I’m alone in this world cause I know when I get into something terrible, no one’s gonna back me up. But, actually, that is not my real reason why I didn’t share my struggle with others. It’s because I was afraid that they just won’t understand me, because they are not me.

However, some of the feelings are gone now. I have tried to open myself to other people, starting with my best friends and my parents. Honestly, when I did that, I kept thinking and saying stuff to myself, like, “what are you doing idiots? This is not helping. Instead of you keeping yourself together, you just let other people know your flaws.”

But, it wasn’t as bad as I thought! Surprisingly, it does make me better. It’s like when you finally share your burden with someone else, even though you theoretically still handle it by yourself. And, it basically proves that you are not alone in this world, because people care about you, at very least, your parents.

I just want people to know that talking to other people about your problem is not easy, but to an extent, I feel sharing things also helps me to identify and understand myself better. I am more stable and clearly not overthinking about everything, even though I am still insecure and anxious every single time. And, I realised something. If you share your pain with someone, then it’s lessened, but if they love you, they feel the pain too.

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