by Noni Adhzani

It might seem difficult to understand what the title means. Basically, there are two types of justice issues, which are inter-social treatment and unequal government regulation. Inter-social treatment is divided into several categories, such as race, gender, age, religion, etc. While unequal government regulation is all about voting laws, policing laws, environmental laws, and so on. Both matters and plays the roles.

Do you know what’s going on in our country? Do you know that until October 2017 our Ministry of Manpower stated there is still 30% acts of gender discrimination? There was a girl in Banyuwangi who wanted to pursue her education, but got rejected from the school that she wanted to go to, because she is a non-Muslim and not wearing hijab? 

Well if you don’t know, at least try to stop checking your Instagram just to see unnecessary things. Watch the news. The transition from 1945 era until the present era has shown a massive improvement. Capital city relocation and government change are some of the examples. But, still, justice issues have always been a big challenge for our country. Don’t let justice be sharp to the bottom but dull to the top. We can’t just be quiet after knowing there’s an old lady who stole a couple of cassavas because she was hungry. Surprisingly, she was sentenced to 5 years in prison, while there were big crime cases that had been done by the upper-class peoples and almost getting unsolved by the law enforcement organs.

As the young generation, we play a role in this problem. We have to value the role that we are in. We study civics not to get the highest score. We study, in order to know what is going on in our living environment and know how to solve the case. We pursue education at school in order to know that there’s many different races and religions out there, but not to judge them by their status, and respect them regardless of their physical appearance. We have to open our eyes, and see through people’s hearts, not their look. We see what they did, not what their status are. It does not matter how rich they are or how close they are to you, if they are wrong, then they are wrong. Let’s start from there. If we don’t discriminate in any aspects, injustice will no longer occur. 

We are the hope of our nation. We have to contribute. As youth, we are not in charge of solving justice cases nowadays, but we are in charge of preventing it from happening in our future.

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